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Posted by Alexandra Anastasiadou on 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2019
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1.Issue of Visa for coming in Greece.

Before coming to Greece for finding a property you have to obtain a Visa type D (for long stay) by the Greek Embassy of your country. You will need to submit: a) application and picture, b) passport or other travel document recognized by Greece, c) copy of criminal record, d) medical certificate that you do not suffer from any disease, which could threaten the public health, and e) travel insurance. 

Time needed: usually 15 – 20 days, depending on the country

2.Selection of property in Greece and preparation for the contract.

The investor can buy one or more properties with a minimum total value of €250.000. Another option is to rent a touristic property for more than ten (10) years with a total rent of €250.000.

Our expertise in real estate investments, can support you in finding the best property at the best price.

– Our Real Estate Office  can provide you with photos and info of appropriate properties in various areas of Greece via mail and prepare everything, so that you come here for just 3 days and see the preselected by you properties.

– We collaborate only with the best and most trustworthy lawyers, notaries, civil engineers, architects,plumbers, electricians, etc., so you can have a legal support to the whole procedure.

– We perform our own independent assessment of the requested price and our long experience with real estate and investments is a guarantee that you will not pay more than the real value of the property.

During your presence in Greece for the selection of the property, our Greek lawyers will take care of the actions that demand your physical presence such as:

Opening a bank account. A bank account in Greece is necessary   for the transfer of funds for buying the property.

Signing a PoA to our lawyers. A power of attorney to our Greek lawyers is necessary, in order that we take care of all the actions without your presence in Greece.

Τime needed: that depends on you.

Costs: > €250.000 for the purchase + fees for the real estate agency

3.Purchase contract.

The conclusion of the purchase contract includes the following steps:

Negotiations: We as brokers  will support you with the negotiations with the seller of the property.

Due Diligence process: Our lawyers  will perform all the necessary legal checks including a/ the check of the deeds at the mortgage office, b/ the check at the land’ s registry, c/ the check of the property by a civil engineer.

Administrative actions:

We will take care of all the necessary administrative actions, such as registration to the Greek Tax System, payment of the tax, collection of the necessary documents from the land registry.

Signing of the contracts:

When we confirm that everything is legal, then we will take care of all the necessary documents, such as a pre-sale agreement , non-disclosure agreement, notarial purchase contract.

Time needed: 5 – 20 days, depending on the complexity of the transaction


3% of the property value tax for the transfer of property.

0,475% of the property value for the registration to the land register.


1,2% of the property value for the notarial fees of the contract.

4.Golden Visa

After the execution of the contract, we will collect all the necessary documents and we will apply to the Authority for the issue of Golden Visa. However, your physical presence is necessary in order that your biometric data (photo, fingerprints and signature specimen) are collected for the completion of the procedure.

Time needed: Currently, due to the increased number of applications, the waiting time for filling the application is 30 days. When we file the application the issue of the Golden Visa can take from 2 to 5 months. Meanwhile, you will get an annual certificate, which enables you to travel from/and to Greece, but not to other Schengen countries.

Costs: €2.000 administrative tax. The minors do not pay this tax.

  • After sale support.

Owning a property in Greece makes necessary some further actions and care. We can undertake or support you with everything, such as:

Acting as your local representative for tax and legal issues.

Managing your property. We can help you lease your property, pay the utility bills, find and pay a cleaning service, and all the other daily care.

Costs: upon request depending on the services.

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